Mercedes Vito 4 × 4, the new van AWD

mercedes vito 4x4 1 Mercedes Vito 4x4, la nueva furgoneta de tracción total After the launch of the new generation of the Mercedes Vito last summer, just when we are recovering from the worst storm in years, the brand with the star is still completing the range with Mercedes Vito 4 × 4 . The van AWD comes just as in ActualidadMotor are testing its luxurious sister, Mercedes V Class 250 Avantgarde, albeit with rear traction.

The new Mercedes Vito 4 × 4 begins marketing in Germany imminently and will gradually reaching other markets. With this new option is the only Vito van in its segment is offered in versions of the total rear and front wheel drive. Class V is only rear-wheel drive, but also has a 4Matic all-wheel drive variant.

mercedes vito 4x4 2 Mercedes Vito 4x4, la nueva furgoneta de tracción total At first hit the market Bluetec Mercedes Vito 119 4 × 4. This variant uses the 2.1 diesel engine 190 horses and 440 Nm and is associated with the seven-speed automatic transmission. The traction distribution of 45:55 is and the system is complemented with the aid of the brakes, the wheels that slide block to send torque to those with grip, thus simulating the effect of locking differentials. The Attention Assist (detects driver fatigue) and Crosswind Assist systems (corrects the trajectory when there is wind) are standard.

With these specifications, the average consumption is 6.4 liters per 100 . The engine meets the Euro 6 and has AdBlue injection (Bluetec technology) to reduce pollutant emissions. It is capable of reaching 199 km / h top speed. The increase in weight compared to an equivalent Vito RWD is only 50 kilos. Unlike the previous generation, the Vito 4 × 4 maintain same height as the other versions , allowing access to more site where the height can be restricted, as parkings.


Previous Mercedes Vito 4 × 4

The starting price for 119 Bluetec Mercedes Vito 4 × 4 in Germany is 36,120 euros . It will be offered in compact, long and extra long body, with the possibility of bodywork, glass mixed or van. Later will come the Vito 4 × 4 with engines of 136 and 163 horses . For details of marketing in Spain will have to wait.

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