Mercedes W08: the champion is put on a diet

Mercedes W08 Lateral

Mercedes has presented the car most feared, that doesn’t mean it’s the best of the season, but the car to beat for the rest. It’s called Mercedes W08 EQ Power+ and has a few new colors of blue in your painting, though the green of Petronas and the silver Mercedes still remain the undisputed protagonists. The reason for the change of name, as you already know the W is for Wagen (car in German) and is the eighth of the signature up to the moment. EQ Power+ refers to the electrical part of the hybrid, since that will be the future designations that will carry the Mercedes-AMG. That is to say, marketing… And the reason for the introduction of the blue is purely decorative, depicting streams of air that go from the nose to the pontoons.

The work performed in the W08 are very much oriented to improve the efficiency and power of the drive motor, and also to bring harmony to the aerodynamics, minimizing the resistance and optimizing to the maximum the load to the new rules. A car loaded of technical innovation and that have been able to develop since before his rivals, seen the enormous difference that they saw that they had at the beginning of the season, relaxing in 2016 to spend the time and resources in 2017, in advance. In fact, Lewis Hamilton has already tested at Silverstone and has confessed that it felt magnificent, so it will certainly be a car to have very in account…



speaking of powers close to or even higher than 1000CV this year, joining the engine’s Turbo V6 and the electric part, in addition to the rules of the motors has been modified, as you will be the lucky tokens, something that will benefit many of the bikers, some believe that to equalize things, but it could be the case that any of the manufacturers to find something to give him more of an edge… we All know that Mercedes was working on the V6 engine Turbo hybrid years before the rest of the bikers could not even to begin to design their prototypes, creating that famous separation of the turbo and the compressor linked by a shaft through the V of the cylinders. Benefited from information they had of the FIA, and that has brought them to win several world pilots and builders.

The efficiency of the Mercedes engine is very high and they have got powers quite high with respect to rivals, which has given them advantages of several tenths season to season. Will have to see what has been done this year with the opening of the developments without the restrictions of tabs, but it seems that will remain at the front in this sense. Only there could be surprises if the opponents have found something almost magical will of a power much greater or if Mercedes has erred or has been a thread in the evolution without having very in account the reliability. When the manufacturers, except Ferrari who showed no render engine in 2014 as it did the rest and nor have they shown the audio of the engine sound this year, showed the sound, the Mercedes seemed to sound very good, with a Renault with a sound very fine, and a Honda too hoarse, but we know little more of the new designs.


Frontal del W08 de MErcedes

we Started for the front of this innovative single-seater, with a nose very similar to the one they used last season, and with the S-Duct present (and quite exaggerated), as well as the canards. Of course the front spoiler has the shape of a delta and is wider to adapt to the new rules. The ducts of brakes are quite small, as seen in Mercedes or McLaren in the last season. The geometry of the front suspension continues to be the house brand, with those arms wide in the form of a wing which we already saw in the past to redirect the flow of air. Another thing that draws attention are a few aletines or conditioners that appear in the area behind the nose, just ahead of the air intakes of the pontoons, because we hadn’t seen until now on the cars presented.

If we look at this first image of the front of the W08 he also calls attention to the pontoons, which are somewhat different to those already seen in the other 4 cars so far, is that it does not have raised the pontoons to the top, although yes they are high, and are wide enough. Have a curve fairly steep in its upper part to make the air “slipping” through that area toward the rear helped by the extensions of the air conditioners that are in the sidepods and embrace the upper area thereof with vertical profiles down to the body. The air that hits you from the bottom of the air intakes do the same thing, traveling up the back as always looking for. The design of the pontoons is quite extreme in many senses, the air intakes, for example, are quite small and oval in shape.

Vista superior del Mercedes W08

In this other picture you can see another of the big innovations or strengths of the German car, and it is the great work that you have done in the pontoons, and rear area. They have managed to compact much everything in the area ahead of the car, leaving a waist that is very narrow in the part of the defence, one of the smaller views so far. Without doubt amazing. The fairing that brings the hot air after having cooled units, they are brought with two turbos to the upper area of the diffuser, but are somewhat elevated to give you a few “tunnels” under them to carry all of the air diverted from the front to the profile of the flat bottom to help extract air from the diffuser, generating more downforce.

If you appreciate the side the air conditioners of the sidepods, we see that reach up to the bottom plane and extending above the pontoons, nothing unusual, we have already seen in other cars in the past year and previous years. But yes, there are two other planes or profiles by in front of them that call quite the attention, not what we have seen in other projects, but Mercedes seems to have not wanted to neglecting not a single detail in this area. Neither can we forget the bargeboards and the tuning vanes of the car. Are extremely complex, I would venture to say that quite a lot more of the other four cars that we have already seen and even that of previous seasons. Your function we already know that it is reconduir the air, remove certain turbulent flow that arrives from the front, reducing drag in that area so wide and generate vortices (energize the air flows) with a specific purpose.

Trasera del W08 de MErcedes

Impressive work done in the middle area of the vehicle, but the analysis continues with the rear area. Although now, yes, we have seen the back to be a shoot at the circuit of Silverstone, is also not well appreciated by the diffuser in the pictures we have obtained from the car. The front wing has nothing remarkable, is adapted to the new regulations, but it is not a design too flashy, it is more, it seems quite simple. What calls the attention, and a lot of, is the absence of shark fin, a symptom of power. Since they have been allowed to dispense with it. And it is more evident even in the Williams, because there is only a small profile or appendix of the fairing to cover the engine. Remember that the shark fin is to fight with the turbulence that may affect the rear wing, which is situated in a lower position than in past seasons.

The flat bottom also presents a lot of work on the fiber side, with grooves and ways to work with the turbulent flow that may disturb the air traveling under the car and seal up this area for an efficiency of the diffuser is optimal. I have left missing something, but I don’t want to end the article without speaking of the airbox. It is similar to that of the previous season, one of the largest that we have seen. Has a taken round one, but which is then split inside to redirect the air toward the turbocharger, which injects the compressed air into the cylinder for combustion (by taking central triangular), and the other two side entrances lead to radiators (radiator of the oil of the gearbox and intercooler), as we have mentioned in previous reviews.

By the way, you have raised some rumors and expectation about some things that have been tested in the test we are performing. To the sides of the airbox have been mounted a few cameras that are of little importance have, but what has formed hubbub has been a T-wing as they have baptized it mounted in the back, in front of the front spoiler. Some doubt of their legality, others think that they are just testing things (although personally I don’t see them placed sensors, not to be that is another type of test on the rear spoiler)… Maybe has something to do with the absence of shark fin? We will not know until within a few days, by the time you can see in the following screenshot:

Detalle del

In conclusion, we know that the engine is a great engine, the drive of Mercedes pays as we have seen in past seasons and this will not be an exception. The aerodynamic work is extraordinary, have had more time, but it has not been wasted, the work is seen in every detail and is the car more complex to level aerodynamic already analyzed (Sauber, Williams, Force India and Mercedes). That coupled with two pilots fantastic, as are Hamilton and Bottas, they leave everything in the tray to be able to win more titles…