Mercedes was forced to remove the systems AIRSCARF their convertibles

Daimler, and especially Mercedes, is facing a serious problem in Germany, a problem that affects all of the convertible models fitted with the system, AIRSCARF that allows the occupants to benefit from a stream of hot air in their napes to circular open pit at lower temperatures than normal. This system has plunged to Daimler in a legal dispute that has now reached a judgment against Daimler, forcing the withdrawal of the technology AIRSCARF of all their convertibles.


Mercedes will have to delete the systems AIRSCARF their convertibles

From several years ago, Daimler is involved in a controversial demand for the rights of use of the technology AIRSCARF. The lawsuit against Daimler has its origin in the rights claimed by Ludwig Schatzinger, a German who has in his possession the patent for a similar system and previous to the technology AIRSCARF. Although there have already been several rulings in favor of Daimler, has now been produced a resolution against Daimler which forces the manufacturer automobile to stop selling this technology since this time, turn off the system in the convertibles produced not yet sold, and compensate mr. Schatzinger by each one of the convertibles sold are equipped with this system in Germany. According to the first figures, two out of every three convertibles sold would have installed this technology.

The system AIRSCARF has now become one of the equipment that is most demanded in the market for convertibles. To think that a simple stream of hot air in our heads can change both the comfort of the occupants it seems crazy, but really the effectiveness of the system is very high and you get that circular convertible at low temperatures to stop being a misery.

models of new manufacturing affected by the deactivation of the systems AIRSCARF are:

– Mercedes SLC
– Mercedes C-Class Cabrio
– Mercedes E-Class Cabrio
– Mercedes S-Class Cabrio
– Mercedes SL

adelanto_mercedes_clase_c_cabrio_portada_2The legal dispute has been raging for over ten years accumulating judgments and to date Daimler had always won the game. The problem facing Daimler is quite important and is that with the last resolution you will have to find a way out of urgency to be able to continue equipping a similar technology in their convertibles. But in spite of everything, it seems that Daimler doesn’t have it all lost when given the fact that the 25 of December of this year, 2016 will expire the rights of the patent system, something that will allow Daimler to make use of the technology AIRSCARF.

Source: AutoNews