Mercedes will have eight new models of front-wheel-drive

The new platform MFA2 front-wheel-drive Mercedes-Benz, will give life to eight new models. In addition to new AMG models of entry level could be on the way.

Mercedes-Benz already designed your new generation of front wheel drive models, such as a few weeks ago, we met in the Lounge of the Car of Shanghai, where the German firm presented a prototype that allowed us to have a vision of as will be its future compact models, based on the new platform MFA2.

Ola Källenius, a member of the Board of Management of Mercedes-Benz confirmed in a recent interview that the new architecture for front wheel drive models will bring to life eight different models and although the steering did not specify which are those models, it is easy to guess that the new platform will be used by the next generations of the Class in versions hatchback, sedan and sedan with extended platform, B-Class, CLA, GLA and GLB.

With the models based on the platform MFA2, Mercedes will attempt to offer a sporty design, with the purpose of try to attract customers younger. To get an idea where you are going, the design of these new models, the prototype recently presented in Shanghai could offer some clues. This model, which advances the forms of next A-Class sedan, incorporating the new design language which among other things includes the grill ‘Pan-american’.

although it is not yet official, possibly the next models MFA2 use the Renault engines, product of the alliance between the two companies, in combination with both manual and automatic transmissions with double clutch developed by Mercedes-Benz.

This architecture could also give life to new AMG models at entry level, with power outputs up to 250 HP.