Mercedes will not be able to sell cars with Airscarf in Germany

Mercedes Airscarf

All those fans of convertibles will get to know the Airscarf, a system that integrates with Mercedes, and that consists of a system of heating for the neck. This solution so useful that allows you to go descapotado also on those cold days, shall not be sold in Germany from now due to a legal issue with your patent. After almost a decade of trials, it has been decided by the court of this country.

Is that Ludwig Schatzinger patented something similar to the Airscarf back in 1996 and after several years of litigation, the justice has decided to give the reason and therefore take it off Daimler. As we said this means that the system will not be available in the country bavarian temporarily. Affects all convertible models: Mercedes SLK/SLC, SL, S-Class Cabrio, E-Class Cabriolet, C-Class Cabriolet and SLS AMG GT Roadster.

Mercedes Airscarf Also has forced Mercedes to calculate the total models with Airscarf that have been sold up to now to compensate Schatzinger in function of the figure. It is estimated that approximately two-thirds of the rafter sold in Germany by the mark of the star have this system, so it will affect to a considerable extent. In addition there are that add up to the amount of to turn off the system on all vehicles that include it.

luckily this judgment will not affect other countries for the moment, so that in Spain we will be able to continue seeing him. The other good news about it is that the 25 December of this same year, expire on the rights of the patent, which means that from this date Mercedes you can use in their convertibles. Even so, a spokesperson for the brand said to be “amazed” by this curious verdict.

Source – Europe Autonews

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