Mercedes will renew deeply the range of engines in 2017

Nuevo Motor V8 biturbo de MercedesMercedes has made it official recently deep renewal in its range of engines, which will introduce four new mechanics that, according to the company of the star, will improve the performance of these thrusters to the couple that reduce the fuel costs and the numbers of emissions pollutants emitted into the atmosphere. This family of new engines will be released with the restyling of the Mercedes S-Class in 2017.

The brand says that these four engines, in versions diesel and gasoline, come from a new modular architecture whose base is 500 cc per cylinder. In this way, Mercedes will have a range that will debut, as we have already said, in the restyling of the S-Class and is extended by other models of the manufacturer. When you take the base of “a cylinder = 500 cc”, will present variants of 2, 3 and 4 liters.

The first and smallest is the 2-liter 4-cylinder, which will be offered both in diesel (with designation internal OM 654), as in gasoline (M 264). The diesel will allow Mercedes to leave to a side the current 2.2, introducing a system of injection common rail, more efficient working to more than 2,000 bars of pressure, and that will allow powers close to 200 hp, with a significant reduction in consumption of up to 13 %. The variant of gas will feature direct fuel injection, twin-turbo, filter antiparticles and several systems to reduce energy consumptions and emissions, such as, for example, the mode “sailing”.

Nuevos motores de Mercedes para 2017 3 litres represents the return of the brand to traditional thrusters 6-cylinder in-line, which will be offered both in diesel as in gasoline. The diesel (OM656) will be offered in variants of between 313 and 258 hp, and a torque higher than 650 Nm. These will be able to reduce the consumption of diesel is around 7 % and, it seems, will be offered in the SUV’s and sedans top (of the GLE and Class E up in the range).

motorization 6 in-line gasoline (M 256) has the objective of improving the current V8 engines in the range and will surely overcome them and with note. This variant will offer food through the compressor power that can spin to 70,000 rpm and, in addition, you have an alternator that makes of starter motor and electric motor at certain stages, pushing with a torque of 220 Nm.

finally we have the V8, the M 176. This propeller will have a new system of direct fuel injection, supercharger twin turbo, cylinder deactivation and filter antiparticles. It is hoped that in this way they save 10 % with respect to its predecessor in terms of consumption, while its maximum power will reach 476 hp and the engine torque is 700 Nm.