Mercedes will sell seats with Airscarf in Germany

Mercedes Airscarf

it Is prohibited the sale of the system Airscarf Mercedes in Germany.

Major setback which has suffered Daimler AG in their particular battle for control of the patent related to its ventilation system Airscarf. And is that after a judicial process that has extended for more than ten years ago, a German court has ruled that Daimler is violating the rights of the patent property of Ludwig Schatzinger.

As a result of this court decision, the convertibles Mercedes-Benz available to them in their range with the system, Airscarf will lose this item of equipment. That is to say, Mercedes will no longer sell seats with Airscarf in Germany. An element that, as we say, is associated to the open top of the German manufacturer.

on the other hand, the court has also ruled that Daimler shall report the number of units with Airscarf that has enrolled in the German market to pay damages in the above-mentioned holder of the patent. A figure of time we do not have on the table, even though it has been commented that we would be faced with a time of two-thirds of convertibles with Airscarf Mercedes enrolled.

Mercedes Airscarf

Mercedes will have to “turn off” the system in both models are already manufactured without registering as sold.

however, the judge has taken this case has gone a step further and has ruled that Mercedes-Benz must “disable” the system, Airscarf in those units that are not yet enrolled, as well as in the cars already sold. You should also check out any type of advertising that makes reference to this heating system located at the level of the neck.

if so, it is clear that Daimler will be faced with a sum economic quite high. Although being realistic, what more damage you will make is the impossibility of further marketing of that item in its range of convertibles. In spite of this and if we “a positive side”, the 25th of December the rights to this patent will expire and Daimler may sell its cars with Airscarf without infringing any patent rights.

Mercedes might not have wanted to get to appreciate the court’s decision, although a spokesman for the German mark has wanted to leave clear that wonder in the face of this verdict when in instances, children had always come out victorious.

Mercedes Airscarf

ventilation System Airscarf. Located at the height of the neck on the headrest.

As we have said above, the system Airscarf expels warm air through the headrests of the seats (at the height of the neck of both driver and passengers). In many models of the range Mercedes as the E-Class Cabrio is a system offered optional, since no version equipped with series.