Mercedes would like to congratulate BMW for its 100 years with a bit of banter in this video

Parrilla BMWBMW brand is the protagonist due to the day of today. Everyone is talking about the BMW Vision Next 100 with which the brand celebrates its 100th anniversary. Mercedes, as the main rival of the bavarian manufacturer, wanted to congratulate your countrymen by posting a video on his social networks with some banter points to a new battle for advertising between the two major manufacturers.

greeting from Mercedes to BMW for its 100-year anniversary adds to other battles advertising in the last few years we have seen circulate on the Internet, proving that even in the departments of communications of the German brands most prestigious there is a gap for the humor. Don’t miss the video below.


During the video in no time is mentioned BMW, but the legendary grill of two kidneys of the brand appears in the first few frames while background sounds the song of Happy Birthday. After such a clear reference to BMW, Mercedes thanks for these last 100 years of competition. A black cast and… gets the joke. Mercedes refers to its 130 years of history to add a phrase that says 30 years earlier were very boring, in allusion to his greater background in the automotive industry.