Mercedes X Class Concept: the mark of the star we anticipate his new pick-up

Mercedes Clase X Concept - lateral

The new pick-up of Mercedes is called finally Class X.

as scheduled this evening has made her debut in society a first taste of what will be the proposed new Mercedes-Benz for the segment of the pick-up. The mark of the star will strive to offer an alternative to the global level in a niche market where the competition is very high (especially in regions such as north America or Latin america). Does your proposal? The Mercedes Class X.

however, the model that you have given to know how to do a few minutes is a concept with which we approach the look of the production model. Despite this, the Mercedes X Class Concept stands as a vision very close to what we’ll see in showrooms from next year. With a simple glance we see the great influence that it has had the range SUV in the design of the new Class X.

Mercedes-Benz is ready to launch its new pick-up

Mercedes-Benz has chosen to show two proposals were very different from the Class X Concept during his presentation. A version clearly oriented to move in an environment, urban, and other-oriented places away from the big city. Field and mountain will be their natural habitat. In the first case, referred to as “Stylish Explorer” we find a pick-up whose exterior is painted in a white hue with cool metallic finish.

Mercedes Clase X Concept

Mercedes-Benz is ready to launch its new pick-up.

Offers a great contrast between his true personality and some of the details with the that aims to show a more sophisticated and technical. A design that seeks to blend in with the big cities. If we attend to its front, we called the attention her look more like a SUV of the German firm. In addition to this, we add a hood made of form bulging and piercing headlights. The flared wheel arches add a certain poise to the line of the Class X.

The other proposal that shows us Mercedes-Benz is the Class X Concept “Powerful Adventurer“. A version driver-focused, more adventurous, and that you will need to remove all the off-road skills of the new pick-up of the German mark. Account with an image more country thanks to the huge tires installed, the fenders and wheel arches with a coating of carbon fiber, the metal hanger or the protection in front and back for low. In the rear, both prototypes show the chrome trim that is typical of the SUV from Mercedes.

The Mercedes Class X will come to Europe in 2017

But, leaving to one side the outer and having a look at the cabin of Mercedes X Class Concept, what will we find? In the first case we are faced with an interior that combines warm and cool tones. Mercedes-Benz seeks to convey all his elegance and good do with a few finishes care to detail and with those that do not want to leave margin for doubt. We are looking at a Mercedes. Upholstered leather nubuck, details in brushed aluminium and polished as well as a touch panel multi-functional are the elements to be taken into account.

Mercedes Clase X Concept - interior

Its interior transmits elegance and comfort despite of being a vehicle with off-road skills.

For its part, the Class X Concept more adventurous opt for a design in carbon fiber, matte and metal surfaces are the materials protagonists. For the upholstery we have opted for a leather in napa color black bright.

Leaving to one side the exterior and interior design of the new Mercedes X Class Concept, what can we expect from your (mechanical? Mercedes-Benz has not entered much into detail but gives us an insight of his intention to offer powerful engines. Among other options you will find a diesel engine V6 in combination with all-wheel drive 4MATIC.

The drive system of permanent, integral combined with an electronic traction system with a transfer case with springs for all terrain. With this, you will be able to face any type of terrain or steep slopes. And what your load capacity? Thanks to its robust frame, the Mercedes Class X will support a payload of over 1.1 tons and can throw a traction force of up to 3.5 tons.

Mercedes Clase X Concept - posterior

The new Mercedes Class X will be manufactured in Spain. In the factory of Nissan in Barcelona.

¿When it will come to the dealerships europeans? The new Mercedes Class X will be ready to disembark in the dealers europe by the end of next year 2017. It will be manufactured at the plant that Nissan has in Barcelona. Initially Spain will be in charge of producing the pick-up of Mercedes-Benz for the european market, australian, and south african.

In Latin america, the production will take place in the factory of Renault in Córdoba (Argentina). The production in this region will begin in the year 2018. It is not a surprise that Mercedes-Benz makes use of the factories of Renault-Nissan to produce its pick-up. This is because is based on the Nissan NP300 Navara.