Mercury Cougar: 50th anniversary of another Mustang of Ford


Copy #00001 of the Mercury Cougar 1967, the first of all.

In 2017 will be met no less than 50 years of the launch of the Mercury Cougar, the twin of the Mustang marketed by Mercury, brand-oriented to the premium segment of Ford Motor Company. And to celebrate, the brand will present the first copy of the model at the annual Ford Nationals 2017.

Positioned between Ford And Lincoln, Mercury disappeared in 2011 during the restructuring of the group after the last great financial crisis, due to the slow decline in sales who had suffered in the preceding years.

Until the end of the TWENTIETH century, the catalog of the Mercury was made up of models that while shared the technical base with Ford, visually separated of these, offering an alternative entry to the premium segment, mid-way of Ford and the more luxurious Lincoln.


Combination red on red and white roof for the first Cougar.

so the Cougar of the first generation was an alternative reestilizada of the Mustang, positioned between this and the Thunderbird. More oriented to the luxury and comfort of the Mustang, had a range superior mechanical, composed exclusively by V8 engines – the Mustang base it had a six-cylinder – and a range of power which in 1967 was from the 202 HP (200 hp) V8 of 4.7 liters 340 PS (335 hp) for the V8 to 6.4 liters. Although the years following were added to blocks of up to 7.0 liters and 395 HP (390 hp).

Although it was based on the same platform in the Mustang, his battle was 7.6 cm long. In their catalog it only had two versions, base and XR-7, in addition to a package prestacional called GT. It was marketed at dealers Lincoln-Mercury group, where she quickly took up the role of sports model of the range.

despite its great acceptance and success, the Cougar has not been treated by the story as her twin Mustang, especially because the mark, in later developments, what ended up positioning itself as a mere two door coupe, a segment is very buoyant in the united States until the decade of the nineties, but it lacked the sporty image and the sole of the pony car of yore.


Detail of the opening of the optical front of the Cougar.

Like the other models in the segment, the arrival of the TWENTY-first century ended with the Cougar, and in 1997 it ceased its production. Already in 1999 the name Cougar was used for the replacement of the Ford Probe, which was marketed in Europe under the name Ford Cougar. A coupe based on the Ford Mondeo that had no successor.

First issue

This year festejarán in the event Ford Nationals in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, the half-century of life of the Cougar, with the display of the first copy made of the model, frame number 7F913500001, far from what it could seem is not in the hands of the brand, but in private hands. And what was funny, is that he spent great part of his life outside of the united States.

Although this unit today, it looks shiny after a strong restoration, has been only thanks to the luck that today can be recognised the historical importance that has this important vehicle.


V8 390 6.4 liters and 340 HP (335 hp).

This issue had as its first destination Dryden Motors, dealer Ford / Mercury of Canada’s largest. This company went bankrupt shortly after and the Cougar #00001 was to stop the owner of a hardware store, which kept him for years until it went on sale in 1982, by an advertisement in the magazine, Car & Parts.

Nothing less than 12 years after, a fan of the brand found that ad in an old magazine and although had few or no possibilities answered the ad, discovering thankfully that the original owner not only had not managed to sell, but the car still existed and was available.

This was put in contact with an acquaintance who might be interested, and that finally bought it and restored it to its original factory status, colors and finishes included. This continues to be the owner of the Cougar #00001, which has the combination red on red and hardtop white vinyl, the engine is the highest available, the V8 390 6.4 liter.


The first Cougar will be a key part of the Ford Nationals 2017.

A great story for a copy of history, currently you can only
to be considered a museum piece
, especially after the disappearance
of the mark in 2011.