Merhi is clear: “Bottas has more talent than Rosberg”


Roberto Merhi and Dani Juncadella have gone through the
microphones Cope GP. One of the issues that both drivers have been treated has been
the signing of Valtteri Bottas by Mercedes-AMG as a partner of Lewis
Hamilton. A contract that both pilots considered as successful because
consider Valtteri Bottas is a great driver, but that serves to put
in doubt the effectiveness of the young driver program of the signature of
Stuttgart. All in all, Merhi has not hesitated to say that Bottas has more talent
, while Juncadella believes that it is a “supercrack”
still has not hatched.

Roberto Merhi known to Valtteri Bottas to perfection after the fight in the Formula Renault 2.0 and in F3 against the Finnish. Perhaps for this reason, the citys what is clear: “I’m sure, Bottas has more talent than Rosberg. I know that Rosberg has got a World, but I think Bottas has an innate talent and truth will lead to war to Hamilton. Bottas was driver of the Mercedes when I was racing in Formula 3 and their manager has always been to Toto Wolff. I insist, Bottas is a great driver, but it has been relatively easy to get to the Formula 1

In this line, Merhi explained: His season in 2014 was good. Already expected to be superior to Massa. Maybe with a car, instead of going to better each year goes a little worst the pilot can be affected. It is difficult to know”. All in all, Roberto has put a but to this move: “Perhaps only by the fact that Toto Wolff your máganer, he was not supposed to end up in Mercedes, more taking into account that there has been a pilot 100% of Mercedes as we have been I, Juncadella or Wehrlein. Thought that they were going to put Wehrlein. It seems most the program Wolff the Mercedes“.


For his part, Dani Juncadella came to share a box with
Valtteri Bottas
in the GP of Macau, something that has marked the Catalan’s opinion:
The true Bottas we have not been able to see. Has been in a team as
Williams, where has not been able to demonstrate great things. I think that is a great
pilot. Whenever I competed against him I’ve come to surprise you. This is going
to be a great year to see if Bottas is really a crack or one more. In Macau
it is the rider that most impressed me. I’ve always thought that it is a
supercrack that has not already dawning

I Think it has not had the weapons to stand out and that
has led him to not be able to show all its potential. Maybe Bottas is not a
pilot able to carry the weight of a team like Williams to their backs”
explained a Dani Juncadella, who also added: “I miss another type
, as did Red Bull with Verstappen. At the end you get to
connect the dots… what do they want a veteran in Mercedes? I was with Wehrlein
at the end of the year, and I confirmed that it was a possibility
. The weather did understand
everything was done and yet the end has not been so”.