Merlos and Villadelprat leave MovistarF1


Josep Lluis Merlos, information professional sports with more than 40 years of experience, it has been announced today as the new commentator Gol tv for matches in LaLiga and Copa del Rey football male.

This announcement confirms the information has had access to, that give as a result the output from Merlos and Joan Villadelprat of Movistar Formula 1 after three years of collaboration.

In 2014, Movistar began his career in Formula 1 with a deployment considerable, but this season Merlos and Villadelprat -with the help of Pedro de la Rosa and IƱaki Cano – saw the board took the decision to relay the world of Formula 1 from a study, displacing the Large Awards to a small group of professionals with Albert Fabrega, Naomi Miguel and Silvia Moreno as heads visible.

The string Movistar has not revealed even the team in 2017 will broadcast the Formula 1, although expect more changes after the policy of the channel of Formula 1 is being renewed.