Mexican KTM is already out: the first unit delivery VÜHL

In 2013, in July, met for the first time VÜHL 05 , one such alternative radicals, of terse lines of gaunt constitution, born to join the likes of cars BAC Mono from Ariel Atom from KTM X -BOW or Caterham Seven with maximum of offering a spectacular power to weight ratio. Well, two years after its coming-out in society the first VÜHL 05 has hit the streets.

This first unit has gone to a Mexican customer , everything is at home, but since the company already talking about the first deliveries to the Middle East (Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia .. .) in the last third of the year.

After this coming-will reach UK priced at 59,995 pounds, at current exchange rates, about 86,000 euros (initially there was talk of 55,000 euros). From here, from the UK, we have to wait to see how you could get to the rest of Europe.

In initial VÜHL also plans envisaged in marketing China and USA , making sure that in 2016 we have more news about it.

Under the hood beats a Ford Ecoboost engine of 285 horses

Recall that reaches 05 VÜHL animated by a supercharged 2-liter Ecoboost of displacement with an output of 285 horses and a couple of 420 Nm for a set of only 725 kg. Prestacionalmente is able to dial a 0-100 km / h in 3.7 seconds.

In 2013 we had the opportunity to see live this model and speak with the heads of the brand. You can read more about the VÜHL 05 in the article “VÜHL 05: all the details of Mexican sports from Goodwood.”

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view photos (22) [1.99906 million]


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