Mexico calls on Ecuador to reset the importation of the Nissan Tsuru

Ecuador banned this year the importation of the Nissan Tsuru, made in Mexico, after considering that the car did not comply with the basic safety standards. Now, the Mexican Association of the Automotive Industry claims that the imports are reset.

Nissan-TsuruEcuador established new regulations related to the safety of the vehicles, which are sold in the local market. The Technical Regulation Ecuadorian set which are the security requirements to be met by the vehicles, with the aim of protecting the life of the people, by adhering to the safety rules of the Economic Commission of the United Nations for Europe.

This rules states that the vehicles must have ABS brakes and front airbags, two elements of which the Tsuru lacking. The regulation affects both the units produced locally, as well as the imported, and it is for this reason that the veteran Nissan Tsuru was left of import. But the Mexican Association of the Automotive Industry (AMIA) requested from the government of Mexico for intercede before the World Trade Organization in order to reset the import of the Tsuru from Mexico.

AMIA justifies itself by arguing that are required at least 24 months to carry out the necessary modifications. However they seem to ignore a recent report LatinNCAP, that points out that just the sedan Tsuru no airbags, a product obtained zero-star in the impact tests, has already been the cause of no less than 3,000 deaths only in Mexico.

Latin america still has a large debt in safety-related vehicles that are marketed in the region. The technical standards that promotes the UN point out that the certification of the vehicle must be before its arrival in the market, through independent bodies such as LatinNCAP. Ecuador is one of the few countries in the region that adhere to this system.