Mexico city prohibited the movement of vehicles with diesel engines in 2025

Palacio del Gobierno - Ciudad de México

Government Palace – mexico City, Mexico – José Antonio Martínez Navarrete

Mexico is one of the most important countries for the manufacturers of cars. A large part of the global sales are recorded in this country. In him, as happens in the united States and other Latin american countries, the weight of the sales rests on models with mechanical gasoline, however the diesel have experienced a spike in sales with the last crisis. This has made the pollution in big cities as Mexico City uploaded above levels never previously recorded.

For those who do not know, Mexico City is the capital of the united Mexican States and it is home to some 9 million inhabitants, although if we have not registered the figure can climb easily up to 20 million people. The traffic in this city is so dense that the authorities of the same shall prohibit the movement of vehicles that are driven by mechanical diesel.

Volkswage Amarok 2016 lavado de cara

The date that you have marked to carry out this prohibition it is the year 2025. This year has been marked also by other large cities in the world to prohibit the circulation of diesel models in its streets. According to the authorities of Mexico City, to execute this plan, actions will be complementary to encourage the use of vehicles powered by energy, green.

The goal have been marked this plan is to improve the quality of the air who breathe the inhabitants of one of the most populous cities and largest in the world. With this want to end up with medical problems that are derived from the respiration of certain kinds of gases, such as NOx, and that is costing the mexican state a very important part of their flow rates.

To end to mention that this measure does not come alone because is the first step to ban permanently in Mexico City cars driven by combustion engines internal between the years 2030 and 2050.