Mexico: Production of the next-generation Nissan March starting in 2016


Nissan is preparing to begin producing the fifth generation of March / Micra. It will be manufactured in France for Europe and North and South America to Mexico.


Nissan March 2017 (Proyección) L a fifth generation Nissan March will arrive in the market during the second half of next year , after passing through the Geneva Motor Show to be held in March. Due to some disagreements regarding the Micra which is produced in India for the major European markets, this new generation of hatchback will be produced in France.

However, for the North American markets and some markets in South America, the new March, as it is called in some regions will be manufactured in Mexico, Aguascalientes plant . It is the product of the segment A best seller in the Mexican market, it will take as an aesthetic based on the prototype Sway Concept shown at Geneva last year.

The new Nissan March will be produced in Mexico for North and South America.

will be something bigger than the model it replaced, since its length will reach 4.01 meters, 3.78 meters compared to the current model. But the brand decided to target strong aesthetics, ensuring be one of its main attractions. Moreover, the adoption of the platform Common Module Family Renault-Nissan will allow to obtain a product that is more competitive in terms of economy of scale.

For the development of the new Micra, Nissan is once again at design and engineering team based in Europe , continuing the strategy that the Japanese and taken to the Juke and Qashqai and line with what other brands of Eastern origin, as in the case of Hyundai.

is hoped that this new generation is more sophisticated in terms of equipment and perceived quality , since the strategy low cost has not worked too well for this model Nissan . This new approach is in line with what already happens with other products of the B segment, besides being accessible, they have multiple customization options and finishes much better than a decade ago, when most were well-segment cars simple.

It is not clear yet what will happen with the Brazilian plant, which currently produces the March fourth generation.


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