Mexico: The Chevrolet Aveo was the most sold during the month of February


The Chevrolet Aveo started again as the car best seller of Mexico during the month of February with 5,409 units sold. The Nissan Versa is ranked in second place, while total sales for the month totaled 97,558 units .


Chevrolet-Aveo L to Mexican Automotive Industry Association (AMIA) released this week sales figures of new cars in Mexico for the last February . Total sold 97,558 units , a figure that marks an increase of 22% over the same month last year.

No changes compared to previous months, it remains leader all the Mexican market, the Chevrolet Aveo, which last January managed to market 5,409 units. The Nissan Versa continues to cut away on the leader and achievement placed this month to just 497 units Aveo totaling 4,912 units.

On the other hand, Nissan remains the brand with higher sales volume in the Mexican market, achieving placing five models among the 10 top-sellers from Mexico: the Versa, March, Sentra, Tsuru and Chassis , a utility chassis to mount an cargo box.

The Chevrolet Matiz like last month managed to stay among the top 10 sellers with 2,158 units commercialized, which ranks tenth in.

Sales Ranking in February 2015

1 Chevrolet Aveo 5,409
Nissan Versa 2 4,912
3 Volkswagen Vento (Polo Sedan) 4,434
4 Nissan Tsuru 4,171
5 Chevrolet Spark 3,644
Nissan March 6 3,465
7 Nissan Sentra 2,412
Volkswagen Jetta 8 2,393
9 Nissan Chassis Length 2,173
10 Chevrolet Matiz 2,158





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