Mexico weapon its sector of the car in front of Donald Trump

Fiat 500S 2016 vista frontal

the united States and Mexico are going to live a few very intense moments to the pair that interesting. With the victory of Donald Trump in the general election of united States trade policy of this state may give a turn of 180 degrees. In this trade policy the automotive industry is one of the most damage you can suffer because if they break the free trade treaties that they had signed both countries can be the price of the vehicles may be affected.

If the united States decides break unilaterally this agreement and apply tariffs to imported vehicles from Mexico the prices of these cars will go up automatically repercutiéndose in the pocket of the american drivers. In addition, this situation will cause the demand for new vehicles can suffer a drop and therefore would make the sector look very harmed.

Volkswagen Jetta México

In view of this situation the main actors of the automotive sector in Mexico have been meeting to study the situation, and common lines of action for if Donald Trump decided to pull down the street in the middle. The managers of these associations using data and economic studies want to defend the Treaty of Free Trade of North America that was signed in the year 1994.

According to Oscar Albin, president of the Association of the Automotive Industry of Mexico (AMIA), the majority of car manufacturers in the world are establishing themselves in Mexico because have workmanship at very competitive at a low price. For this reason, that the united States close the door to the cars produced in Mexico goes against the direction that you are taking the sector and the brands that are being established there.

According to the data exposed by the AMIA car industry the united States is much more competitive thanks the work that is carried out in Mexico. In addition, not only mentioned its neighbor to the north, but also to Canada. The reason is that many of the cars that are sold in both countries are manufactured in the production plants, which brands are in the aztec country and therefore allows the conductors of both countries to be able to drive a car at a price more than rational.

Source – Association of the Automotive Industry of Mexico (AMIA)