Mexico will regulate the price of gasoline on a daily basis

México regulación gasolina

problems facing the population of Mexico on account of the fuel price is still far from being resolved appropriately for all parties. The increase experienced by the prices of gasoline and diesel do not correspond with a pay rise equivalent, and it has made many people take to the streets to protest. However, the country’s government goes ahead with its plan, although it seems that the liberalization of the sector will have a greater control over the price of fuel.

total liberalisation of the fuel market will be effective the next month of march. At this moment the price of gasoline and diesel is calculated each 24 hours except on weekends which will keep the marked price on Friday. This new method to regulate the price of fuels come into force this week. However, each of the regions that form Mexico will be adopted gradually to complete the whole of the country.

México regulación gasolina

The price that will have the fuel in the day will be released at 4 o’clock in the morning of each day. In this way, and always according to the authorities of the country, the fuel price will be adjusted to the real demand of the country. In addition, he will also take into account the price that is in origin and by mixing both variables, and in accordance with the government the country, the price will be more fair and competitive with the above method of measurement.

citizens of the country may know at all times the price of the fuels on the website of the Energy Regulatory Commission of the Government of Mexico. In addition, also through the portals opened by some citizen initiatives as In the race to adhere to this method, the first states in the country to join will be Baja California and Sonora from march 30. The last to do so, will be the Chetumal, Quintana Roo and Campeche on the day before the end of 2017.

Source – Drive Pan American