MG announced his arrival to Europe. You will come to the end of 2019

Before you complete this decade, the british brand MG will return to the markets of Continental Europe. With a central office located in Luxembourg, the sales of its models in Europe start towards the end of 2019.

Lto chinese company SAIC Motors, current owner MG has officially confirmed the landing of the former british brand in the major markets of Continental Europe. Although the ‘new MG’ began its activities in Uk in the year 2011, the promised expansion to the rest of Europe was delayed indefinitely.

the reason for The delayed expansion had a simple explanation: sales in the Uk were never able to achieve the expected results, in part due to a range of models is quite poor.

But now MG has opened a new base of operations in Luxembourg, from where already planning the launch of the brand in Continental Europe towards the end of 2019, a market that they abandoned for already 12 years after the collapse of MG Rover.