MG GS, the compact SUV of the new MG arrives in the Uk

Since BMW decided to close MG Rover in 2005, the two brit brands have fallen into oblivion in much of the world, but not in China and the Uk, where the firm MG has continued selling after the conglomerate chinese SAIC rescue her from bankruptcy. In britain, the brand sold for years, the saloon half an MG6 and the utility MG3, and from this same month have further strengthened its range with the MG GS, a SUV of medium size that reaches to compete in one of the segments most popular in the present day.

The MG GS has been designed in Longbridge, historical headquarters of the brand from its birth, though its assembly will take place in China. Keeps the design language that we already saw in the sketches of the MG GS published three years ago, which in turn implies an evolution of the strokes teachers already seen in the own MG6. Of modern design and pleasing to the eye, highlights the waist line that is going to soar longitudinally to converge in a behind very robust, with a lot of sheet metal and little crystal.

mg-gs-uk-4In the interior also breathes modernity, with a central console very bulky and very few strokes, full of sharp edges, maybe more than desired. The infotainment system standard with a 6-inch screen, although you can optionally include an 8-inch. For the moment, the only engine available is a 1.5 turbo petrol that delivers 163 HP and a maximum torque of 250 Nm. Is linked to a gearbox six-speed manual, although optionally it will mount an automatic double-clutch seven relations. It is the first box of double clutch developed by SAIC.

MG wants the MG GS is the accolade definitive on his return to the british market, as the two models currently on sale have not met the expectations. To do this, they have launched for sale the model with a pricing policy is very aggressive, with a price bracket of between 14995 and 19495 pounds (18900 and 24600 euros at current exchange) depending on the equipment. In addition, all versions will have a factory warranty of 5 years.

For the moment, there is no plan that MG is marketed in other european countries. Will remain private game reserve, China and the United Kingdom, where are still trying to return to MG to the splendour it had once. At this step, it seems that it will cost your time and money someday to regain that status, but SAIC never gave up on his efforts.


Source: MG | Carscoops