MG moved all their production to China


The future of MG is full of difficult decisions if they want to return to the market with all normally. One of them has been taken recently, since the activity of the manufacturing plant of the company which is in Longbridge has ceased completely to move all production to China. For the brand it’s a tough decision because it put up the shutters in the factory house, it is not for nothing easy.

Only have 25 layoffs as has been communicated by MG, we assume that it refers to workers hired directly since it is clear that this strategy will influence a large number of employees that work for them indirectly as well as different providers. The production team has been re-located to other posts to the extent possible. The sections of sales, marketing and after-sales service of MG in the Uk no will be affected.

The vehicles will arrive fully finished from China

The centralization of the production shows the commitment of MG into the future, as well as its continued focus on attracting and developing engineering automotive highly qualified and the design talent present in the Uk” announced a spokesman for the manufacturer according to the BBC.


Already long ago that the activity of the factory of Longbridge decreased considerably to the point that it’s not worth the effort to keep it open. Until very recently the units were almost finished from outside needing only the last touch-ups at home before selling their products. From now on all the MG models, including the subcompact MG3 and the new SUV MG ZS, will be produced in China and will arrive in the Uk fully built.

“We look at the quality of cars that come from overseas -China, and we are convinced that we need not continue to the final assembly in the United Kingdom.” stated the Head of Sales and Marketing of MG, Matthew Cheyne, to AutoExpress.

What is certain is that in these moments MG, under the capital of the chinese manufacturer SAIC, is located at a time of considerable boom with a increase in sales of 18% annually, in part thanks to the arrival of the above-mentioned new models.