MG teaches his new SUV ZS in a promotional video


two months Ago we present a formal design new small SUV MG. The manufacturer English (now with capital chinese) returns to the fray with a completely new model with a name that reminds us of a lot to a model that already was in your catalog. This new SUV is called ZS which was the name used by the old saloon with tints sports derived from the extinct class 45 of the Rover.

With this model want to improve your situation in Europe, since the models that has been released by the manufacturer have not had a great draft among the public. For this reason, they have decided to make a model with lines very suggestive that, while they have inspiration in various models of competition, fits perfectly with the needs of the brand to reach out to more markets than the English.

In these days the chinese firm is promoting and have published the first official video of this model on its official YouTube channel in which we can see it from all its angles. What we can see in the video we like, and a lot of, because this model seems to really thought to fight you with the main rivals your category without having fear of showing their roots.

At this point we all know that will be a model Made In China, but according to us has left to see in the video we can take even some surprises with him. One of them would come from the hand of his range mechanical because you can see that it will mount a block 1.6 (bottom in red) which could give life to a version spicy. For now only are confirmed blocks gas fed with 1 and 1.5 liters of displacement with outputs ranging from 120 hp to the small and the 165 hp of the big. For these mechanics, there will be available a manual gearbox six relations or an automatic double clutch with the same number of relations.

finally little more I can say; enjoy the video and if you like cross your fingers that the brand you bring it to Europe and Spain. We will be attentive to the future news the mark to post because the thing looks very good.

Source – MG Motor