MG teaches some images of its future small SUV

MG SUVThe extinct Group Rover-MG did not taste the sweetness of success in the SUV segment since disappeared as such more than a decade ago. If I may make bold enough, we must remember that with his Rover 25 Streetwise opened the category we know today as the SUV (or urban-like SUV) as well champion the Volkswagen Cross Polo or the Hyundai i20 Active.

Of the remains of that shipwreck he survived MG (Rover is guardadita in the freezer of the Tata Group) and now fighting against wind and tide to recover part of the image that was lost after the bankruptcy of its parent. However, despite the efforts that is being conducted by Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation SAIC (its current owner) still has not been able to find the place that held old even with products that are more than competent.

MG SUVTo keep trying SAIC will provide to MG an SUV smaller than its current GS. This small all-road will be a rival very worthy for the Nissan Juke. Its design has been evaluated by SAIC Design (the division dedicated to the design of vehicles of the matrix of MG) and the collaborations of the studies that has the signature in China and the United Kingdom.

MG SUVThe new MG ZS (commercial name it will have in China as Matthew Cheyne as head of sales and marketing of MG has confirmed that there will be United Kingdom) has a design very successful, and although it is a blatant copy of other models, does not cease to recall several members of the SUV segment. According to the brand’s new design language aims to provide to MG a more elegant look. For this reason, they have paid greater attention to the surfaces and forms that we have seen in recent MG models.

Will be presented officially in the Hall of Guangzhou (China) which will open its doors to the public next November 18 and his arrival in the English market would be scheduled for the year 2019. To end, of its range of mechanical and endings, we do not yet have the news, although it is more than likely that you share the block gasoline 1.5-liter of their brethren in range and debuts other new development.

Source – MG