MG ZS 2017: the first images and video official


Its lines remind us of some models of the market.

Although it was presented at the International motor show in Guangzhou at the end of the last month of November, and until now had not provided official images the new rival of MG for the Nissan Juke, the MG ZS. A) returning to the catalogue of the british brand, today capital of chinese-owned SAIC.

The new ZS will be manufactured in China and will be also exported to other markets, such as the Middle East and Australia. To Europe is not planned for the moment that you arrive, however, it will be marketed in the Uk, the market home of MG, where it already sells the MG3 and GS.

The new ZS is a crossover compact size, with a design very sober and a pretty inner care in finishings and equipment is concerned. Away by full of the radical and personal style of the Juke, which should in theory be its biggest rival.


Sober interior with high-quality and visual.

In terms of its design, although we can not speak of a copy, it is certain that with lines and traits that are clearly inspired by similar models on the market. Its front has a certain air that reminds us of the Mazda CX-5, especially for the grill and your optics front, while in the side view you can clearly recognize a C-pillar very similar to the Nissan Qashqai, which rises sharply in a diagonal from the bottom line of the windows.

Removing the above-mentioned aesthetic details, what is certain is that the ZS is quite attractive, perhaps with a deliberate image of SUV of larger size and less juvenile than what their dimensions suggest, but that is a design very compelling and elegant. The only image that we have of the interior shows us a passenger compartment finished in leather dual tone, and a dashboard that was very clean, with a large central screen.

According to the company, it has voice activation for a variety of functions, such as the huge sun roof, the audio system or the adjustment of the air-conditioning system.


The C-pillar reminds us of the Qashqai.

The range mechanics shall be composed of a engine 1.0 liter supercharged, direct-injection offering 120 horses, besides two other possible blocks of 1.5 liters, 120 and 165 horses. The transmissions will be six-speed manual and automatic dual-clutch.