Miami Vice: tempted to make this blue Porsche 911

surely have been tempted and dive in the new configurator 911 . We certainly does and, as has happened to us, if you’ve done, you’ve also been tempted to choose one of those peculiar colors that are rarely seen on the streets, a sports “Orange Lava “ we already knew 911 GT3 RS a ” Miami Blue “ worth doing honor to his name, ready to pose under the neon lights of Ocean Drive .

The new Porsche 911 starts from 107,653 euros

Not for discrete, Porsche offers the catalog of paintings of the new Porsche 911 , among the list of special colors, this peculiar “Miami Blue” that surely will convince more than one customer of the German firm willing to not go unnoticed.

This tone paint has an additional price of 2,916 euros as the “Orange Lava” or “Carmine Red” is available in both the coupe and the convertible , in the latter case combined with a hood which can be black, blue, brown or red.

To learn more about the new 911:

This facelift of the 911 the German firm has taken an important step in introducing supercharged mechanical Carrera and Carrera S. This new engine is a 6 cylinder block and 3-liter displacement that by biturbo develops 370 horses in the case of Carrera and 420 horses in the case of the Carrera S offering better performance and consumption.

In addition to this mechanical change active suspension PASM is now part of the standard equipment and the Carrera S is optionally possible to have the directional rear axle. It has also introduced a new multimedia system and have changed the lights and grille on the rear hood.

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