Michael Mauer becomes the new head of design, Volkswagen Group

Nape is a simple task to relieve a major figure of the design as has been Walter de Silva, retired from just a month ago. This arduous task will now correspond to Michael Mauer, becomes the new chief designer of the Volkswagen Group, at 53 years of age. A further step in his long creative career.


Michael Mauer

mr. Mauer was born in 1962, the 20-year-old decided that theirs were the design and the cars. That’s why for four years he studied at a design school in Germany. Nothing more finishing their studies became part of the creative department of Mercedes-Benz, where he helped the creation of models like the A-Class, the SLK or the Mercedes SL.

In the year 2000 Saab tempted him, and he accepted, with the position of executive director of the design area. In that time, the Swedish company was part of the conglomerate of General Motors. Needless to say how bad that ended up the situation for the legendary brand. Even so the lord, the Mauer was brought to light in some special designs that never became reality.

later Porsche called to their doors, a train that left no escape. Since 2004 he has been director of the design department of Porsche AG. Being in direct charge of the creation and successive renewals of the Porsche Cayenne and Porsche Panamera, in addition to his work most special to date, the Porsche 918 Spyder.


The 918 Spyder is its creation more spectacular. A work worthy of his new position

With this curriculum it is not surprising that the new board of the Volkswagen Group has decided that Michael Mauer becomes the new head of design for the entire group. As we have already said, the work anything but straightforward given the inheritance that receives from the hands of one of the best known names of the industry.