Michael “Mick” Doohan driver who dominated the premier class

Who does not remember Mick Doohan , as awesome Pilot Australian who dominated Queen class for 5 years in a row from 1994 to 1998? Let’s delve into its passage through VM 500cc, its major milestones and their accidents.
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Who is Michael “Mick” Doohan?

Mick Doohan he reached the World Championship in 1989 of control of Honda and Australian Superbike championship. Three of munidal in 1990 and two in 1991 no one had any doubt that would win next year.

What no one expected was clearly marked superiority of the first race in 1992 that brought Doohan win five of the first seven races in the world. With 65 points difference and almost the whole world in your pocket in Assen Circuit failed, he went to the ground and almost losing a leg due to medical complications. He came back with two races subdued, but failed to finish the title. In 1993, problems still could not fight for the championship.

already fully recovered in 1994 began the overwhelming hegemony Mick Doohan which lasted five consecutive years until 1998. As a young driver could follow him closely, but almost always behind Alex Crivillé. Who does not remember the duels between two pilots in 1996? Jerez track invasion which deprived the Catalan victory. Or Crivi victory in Brno after only 2 mils, tightest end of the story.

But in the third race of the World Cup 1999 in Jerez, Doohan came out with a wet track in practice and went to the floor by stepping on the white line and the left radius, right clavicle, right tibia fractured along with injury in the shoulder blade. Almost 34 years of his career in the world ended as it began:. With a high drop

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