Michael Schumacher, a true fighter nato

Michael SchumacherWe feared the worst. That 29 December 2013, the world stopped spinning for a few minutes. Michael Schumacher, the pilot of Formula 1’s most successful of all time, the “Kaiser”, suffered a massive skiing accident that for a little bit, took the life of seven times world champion. Had been filmed in the best circuits, and fought against the best drivers, and achieved the best feats that are remembered in this sport, and was outside of the tracks where he ran the biggest race of his life. Curious life, right?

In Current Engine we wanted to pay tribute to this legend of the Formula 1, to our “Schumi”, a man who never gave up and today, continues to demonstrate that it is not of this world, which is made of another pasta while you fight to recover from the harsh after-effects that left him that fateful accident in the French Alps. We will make a review of its history, to his beginnings, to his career, and in summary, the life of a name for itself in the world of the four wheels. Michael Schumacher, a true fighter ex officio.

first steps

michael-schumacheron The third of January 1969 was born in Hürth-Hermülheim, West Germany, a child brought a wheel under the arm. With just four years she went up to a kart his father, a mechanic by profession, he had built up on the basis of a kart pedals. The myth was becoming greater, and the trophies were coming. With 15 years was vice-world champion in the same specialty, winner of the award who were with him, three years later, the German champion and european.

And the wins just kept on coming. In 1988, won the championship of the Formula Koning German and a little after, in the Formula Ford 1600, achieved a sixth place at the World Championship and is up in the top of the drawer in the Europe. Their successes forced him to leave school, combining his passion with the work of mechanical in the workshop of the vw dealer from his hometown. It would not be until 1989 when Michael arrived at the Formula 3 championship where he could only make shadow Karl Wendlinger.

Arrival to the Formula 1

Michael Schumacher“Is what I was looking for, a young, very young rider ambitious. It will be champion”. They were the words of Flavio Briatore for a young pilot that nothing more had taken the first steps in Formula 1. His baptism came at the Belgian Grand Prix of 1991, from the hand of Mercedes, although it didn’t last long as a pilot of this team being signed after by Benetton, a team led by the same Briatore. The following year got his first victory in the Belgian Grand Prix, the same season in which he got eight podiums and be third overall, ahead of the great pilot Ayrton Senna.

With this equipment, get the one that would be his first World-wide Championship of Pilots of the Formula 1 and, for many, the most important of his entire career. It is remembered as one of the most played, winning the German by a single-point-of difference with its rivals, Damon Hill. The following year would win the championship, receiving a bid from the Ferrari team that finally accept it.

Their beginnings in Ferrari

Michael SchumacherDespite the fact that most people think otherwise, the first years in Ferrari were not easy for the which later was nicknamed the “Kaiser”. The Williams of Hill and Villeneuve were unstoppable, flying over each circuit in the championship. With the last of them starred in a controversial accident in Jerez de la Frontera, the last test of the championship of 1997, ending with penalty for Schumacher and the loss of all accumulated points. The Ferrari driver was just a point of Villeneuve.

In the years 1988 and 1999 there was also no luck for Michael Schumacher, who will have to face, in addition to the power of the McLaren, significant injuries that would be off the track in several races. The positive note of the end of the century was that finally the Ferrari was getting to be a competitive car, concluding the year with victory for the Italian team in the constructors ‘ world after more than 15 years trying.

The reign

Michael SchumacherBut the bravery, the courage and the work of “Schumi” would have their reward. In 2000 wins in the Grand Prix of Japan and with this victory is proclaimed by order-champion of the Formula 1 with Ferrari. This award not only would it be important for Michael Schumacher after four years without re-earn it, but even more for the own team, a team that had 21 years without winning a drivers ‘ championship despite having some of the most important names of the era such as Alain Prost.

After this conquest would the remaining until reaching the figure of no fewer than seven world championships. The performance of the German pilot was from another planet, signing up win after win in such a way that from the outside, it seemed easy. In 2001 was proclaimed champion of the world when there were still four races to finish the competition and in 2002, won no less than eleven races equalling the record for the most world championships of Juan Manuel Fangio. 37 years, after more than 25 dedicated to racing, with seven world championships in 16 seasons in Formula 1, decides to withdraw from the competition.

Back to the competition and final withdrawal

Michael SchumacherIn 2010, the “Kaiser” returns to the competition of the hand Mercedes but with not much luck. The first season, the performance of your car was not expected, a fact that also haunts him in the next in spite of complete big races. The results do not appear to be too convincing and the new generations press so that finally, in 2013, Michael retires permanently from Formula 1.

The numbers of the German pilot are really from another galaxy, and that is that stars in the main records of the Formula 1. The same was able to climb to the top of the podium in 91 occasions, a number very far from the second in this ranking with 51 times. Michael got 77 pole positions in his career, the identical number of fastest laps achieved. In the same way leads records of podiums, kilometres travelled, the number of triplets, the most victories in one year or in consecutive seasons. A milestone in Formula 1.

The accident

Michael Schumacheron December 29 2013 Michael Schumacher suffers an accident in which hits strongly the head while skiing in the winter resort of Méribel. The first reports were confusing, although all indicated that the pilot was in a coma due to injuries that caused him to fall. In the hospital of Grenoble, the centre to which it was transferred, confirmed the critical state of the German with a first diagnosis, which pointed to serious brain and head injuries. A hard blow for the world that saw it as the legend of Formula 1 is shut off.

But it was not so, and as I was accustomed to do, Michael continued to struggle. At the beginning of February of the past year, doctors announced that they had begun to remove the sedation to be waking up. In April, the world received with hope the news that German rider began to react to external stimuli. Finally came out of the coma on June 16, 2014 after more than five months from that fateful accident. “Schumi” won his biggest race and set sail to a recovery that would not be easy.

today in the life of Michael

Michael Schumacherthere Are numerous speculations that have surrounded the accident of Michael Schumacher. From outside the hospital not have ceased to be born rumors that the majority of media have taken advantage of being your health a theme that is very recurrent. And it is not for less, thousands of followers eagerly awaiting the news that their hero has finally fully recovered from the serious injuries caused by the accident. The last of them stated that the pilot was already able to walk, a fact that the family has denied.

Currently Michael continues to work day-to-day with a medical team composed mainly by physical therapists who are helping the pilot to re-activate your muscles. The information is very scarce, the family maintains a fence important to avoid bad leaks. A posture on the other hand reasonable. The Current Engine we have paid homage to him two years after the accident, hoping that the recovery continues giving its fruits. This one goes for you, “Schumi”!