Michael Zotos left to their own devices to the Toyota Yaris WRC


┬┐Dismissal, amicable separation or hasty departure? it is Not easy to define among all the possible versions what is the real, but the only thing clear is that Michael Zotos has abandoned the project of Toyota Gazoo Racing. The ex-engineer Mikko Hirvonen at Subaru stops thus fill the role of Technical Director of the project that is being developed by the Toyota Yaris WRC, which will lead to a World Rally Car japanese debut in the season 2017 World Rally. the Sports Director of The Team, Jarmo Lehtinen, has been commissioned to confirm the news the departure of Michael Zotos.

Several are the versions that will handle the output of Zotos and although Lehtinen was quick to downplay the loss of the Technical Director, what is certain is that this low would be accompanied by the launch of two other technicians with a serious part within the team, while these two low-extra are as yet unconfirmed. Be that as it may, and despite this message of peace of mind Lehtinen, any movement implies a destabilization and more when the Toyota Yaris WRC 2017 is at a very critical point of its evolution with two chassis rolling parallel.

In this aspect, it seems that the bad news does not come alone to the Toyota Gazoo Racing, which are increasingly strong rumors suggest that the Yaris WRC would be dragged into serious problems during the first phase of testing. The strong delay that has accumulated the start of the test because of the strips and aflojas with TMG, you will have to add incidents recurring in the transmission and also a design issue that would hamper the cooling of the engine. If so, the problems of reliability of the propellant in tests carried out in Catalonia would have a clear origin.