Michelin closes the door to the Formula 1: “it is Not more useful today”


The tires are the only element of the car that is in direct contact with the asphalt during the entire lap, something that makes it a vital component for ensuring good performance of any car, because if it does not work properly, the aerodynamic efficiency and the power of the power unit of the car are to one side.

With the occasion of the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi, last event of the calendar of 2017, Pirelli presented its range of tyres for the coming year, with a tire hiperblando that the pilots have been categorized as the best tire that has been manufactured ever the current supplier of tires. Michelin was present in the top category until 2006, after returning to Formula 1 in 2001 after dropping out in 1984 with the Grand Prix of Portugal, as the last participation, and their recent attempts to return were nothing because of the regulation that is holding the competition in relation to the tyre compounds.

why don’t we include a new regulation that will make it more difficult for the tire manufacturer?

“Michelin wants to run with a challenge”, confessed Pascal Couasnon, director of Michelin, in an event in Hong Konh. “Obviously, when you have competition, your challenge is right there. If you’re working with the FIA, working with Formula E, and you ask, “why don’t we include a new regulation that will make it more difficult for the tire manufacturer?”.

With that rhetorical question, Couasnon hinted that “that way, each would have our own challenge, that is what we want”, an incentive that would be an incentive for the arrival of the manufacturer of historic to the new Formula 1 that have been implemented by Chase Carey, Ross Brawn and Sean Bratches. “we don’t want to run into categories that do not assume a challenge or where there are remnants that do not make sense for any of the two parties. If there is a challenge, even if we are the sole supplier, is well. The Formula E is the perfect example”.


Pirelli hopes to solve its problems of roughness is excessive with some compounds two steps softer than the current.

The head of Michelin admits that mentioned the “tyres 18 inch with side bands smaller” to try to put in place a new project in Formula 1, since “is just what you see in the street” and “if you learn something you can move quickly,”, but finally not produced the change in the standard expected in the inner circle of the mark. “With the side bands large, you do not learn anything useful. Spend a lot of money to change the tires every 7 or 10 laps, with a technology that really can be implement in a street car”.

Spend a lot of money to change the tires every 7 or 10 laps

“I love Formula 1, but in regard to the pure technology of the tire, it is not the category most useful to today”, concluded Couasnon, closing their arguments for which Michelin is not asked to return to the category that a day shared with Bridgestone.