Michelin CrossClimate, 8 questions and answers on summer tires for winter serving

We attended the presentation of the tire Michelin CrossClimate , a new type of tire that can be very interesting for those drivers who live in cold areas. As a new product, we decided to tell you how it works in the same way that we have known us, asking questions and getting the answer, either by Michelin or our own experience with the tire. And what are these 8 questions and answers you have to know about this summer tire which serves the winter ?

1. What kind of tire is the Michelin CrossClimate?

Can be used in those conditions, snow and ice, in which chains or winter tires are required? Yes, you can.

Michelin defines it as the world’s first tire certificate summer for winter use. That is, has the characteristics of so-called summer tires, which are those that use the vast majority of drivers in Spain, in terms of good behavior at temperatures of seven degrees.

But also meets certifications winter tire , which allows travel on areas where they are required.


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