Michelin CrossClimate, summer tire that is used to snow

michelin cross climate 2 Michelin CrossClimate, el neumático de verano que sirve para la nieve all know advantages of using winter tires for safety and traction in adverse weather conditions, but we also know that are not suitable for all year round by increasing fuel consumption, road noise and damage to the tire life in hot weather.

Many drivers who choose winter tires have two sets of wheels, which are alternated according to the seasons. That hassle and extra cost of each tire change at least twice a year may have their days with the new tires Michelin CrossClimate . The French manufacturer has new tires that combine the advantages of summer with approval winter . Definitely smells revolution.

michelin nieve Michelin CrossClimate, el neumático de verano que sirve para la nieve With the new Michelin tires CrossClimate, the brand represented by Bibendum want to deal with the unpredictable weather. Weather conditions that affect driving may be altered completely within a few days or even hours and will always have complicated the right tires.

According to the study conducted by Michelin, 65% of European drivers use summer tires all year and 40% think it is inconvenient to have to change tires. Michelin Tires CrossClimate try to solve this problem, providing greater fuel efficiency and better braking on dry, with lower noise levels and grip properties and security required in adverse weather conditions, including snow. It almost sounds like utopia.

Michelin CrossClimate Even with this revolutionary product, the manufacturer recommends that anyone who intends to use the car regularly for areas with ice or snow tires opt for traditional winter because its technology is optimal for this type of situation.

The key to these new tires is in the design, structure and materials used . The compound in the tread which ensures a good grip in all conditions, the tire structure also includes a novel compound of the structural silica compound, which reduces the heat generated in the tire and energy loss, by improving both consumption. The design of the tread is optimized to ensure a good grip in adverse conditions and wheel chocks give it stiffness during acceleration, braking and lateral acceleration, ensuring good behavior of the vehicle.

On sale in a few months

Audi A4 Allroad CrossClimate Michelin tires offer a wide range of 23 measures between 15 and 17 “ can be equipped by 70% of cars sold in Europe. On May 1, 2015 and will be available in the market most of the measures that the French brand marketed.

All CrossClimate tires offer a C classification in terms of fuel consumption with the highest score in braking on wet 8A) and rolling noise content of less than 69 decibels. They get some of the best grades while snow approval is preserved.

This week in ActualidadMotor will have the opportunity to test Michelin tires CrossClimate , later to give a good account of them.

Source – Michelin

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