Michelin joins the project of the Roborace


it does Not matter that the Roborace has not complied with the deadlines
and the debut of the competition aimed at autonomous vehicles not
has been parallel to the start of the season 2016-17 in the Formula E as
announced at the time, because the particular concept that offers this category
continues to attract new partners. The latest to join the Roborace is Michelin,
the entire time that the French manufacturer to develop a tire specific
for the Robocar. For the moment, the firm has already brought their tires to the team
technician who works with DevBot
, the prototype that serves to develop the
future car series.

Well it is true that the differences between DevBot and the future
Roborace are evident
, but the products of Michelin are perfectly suited
the prototype electric based on the Ginetta LMP3 that is being used as a
a test bed to develop the hardware and also the software
it will equip them in the future, the Roborace Car. A prototype that completed a total of
twelve laps to the track Moulay El-Hassan International Street Circuit of
Marrakech, and with its new ‘shoes’ has also been completed a test in the
track testing Michelin in Ladoux
, formalizing with this test the new
union between Michelin and the Roborace.

All in all, the ingredients of the future Roborace Car start
to be clear. Michelin will be in charge of supplying the tires
this electric car and self-contained that will be managed by the GPU more powerful that exists, graphics processing unit ‘Drive ‘ PX2’ NVIDIA. The
(hardware is composed by 12 cameras, sensors, radar and a GPS,
, while the software will run part of the equipment that will be the
managers implement their particular algorithm for your Roborace Car is
faster than competitive units.