Michigan (U.S.) and its impuestazo to hybrids because they consume little gasoline

Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid 2017

The new Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid 2017 will be one of these vehicles affected.

May seem like a joke, but it is not real. Michigan, one of the 50 U.S. states is working for the implementation of a genuine impuestazo to hybrid cars, hybrid-electric and electric. Under the premise that these types of vehicles consume very little fuel (gasoline or diesel), and that it is necessary to raise on the basis of the tax of circulation to maintain the state’s roads, the drivers of these vehicles will need to increase their “contribution”.

Taking into account that the Michigan State extracts the resources for the maintenance and construction of roads of the taxes associated with ordinary fuels, the legislators have thought of that can be a great idea to increase the registration fees to owners of hybrid or electric cars from next year to 2017.

worst of all is that this new “fee” will not be fixed, because in the next few years will continue to grow in parallel with the increase in taxes associated with fuels that are updated from time to time in Michigan. Therefore, if things do not change, in the future, the owners of a hybrid or electric registered in that state, you continue to pay a higher rate.

Chevrolet Bolt

The new Chevrolet Bolt, if it is registered in the State of Michigan will also have to deal with this impuestazo.

But, how much will
to pay the drivers of these vehicles?
In the following table I
explain in detail:

Type Weight vehículo Tasa
Híbrido < 3.629 kg 47,50$ (45,87€)
Hybrid > 3.629 kg 117,50$ (112,52€)
Electric < 3.629 kg 135,00$ (129,28€)
Electric > 3.629 kg 235,00$ (225,05€)

In the future, for every penny increase in the tax on fuels, the rates above will grow at 2,50$ (2,40€) for hybrid cars and 5,00$ (4,79€) for pure electric.

Hyundai IONIQ

The family IONIQ Hyundai will be greatly affected by this impuestazo.

are We facing a barrier to the expansion of the hybrid vehicle or electric?

Leaving to one side the mechanical hybrid, plug-in, it is clear that the citizens residing in the State of Michigan, have a factor against the time to think if they buy a plug-in hybrid vehicle or an electric. While in the majority of places where it works to encourage the purchase of this type of vehicles are meant to offer tax incentives, deductions or exemptions of payment according to which taxes, seems to be that in Michigan they are going to go against the tide.

¿they Are wrong? A priori it is clear that if the plans of the state government is working to increase the number of hybrid and electric circulating on their roads, this decision is not the most appropriate. Unfortunately, Michigan is not the only state in the north american country that is in this line, as Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska, Georgia and Missouri are following a similar path.