Mick Schumacher won his first race in Formula 4


Mick Schumacher son ​​of five-time world champion Formula 1 played the first date in the calendar German Formula 4 for this purpose week, making claim his first victory in cars, just on the first date .


Mick-Schumacher E n the first day of the calendar ADAC Formula 4 Mick Schumacher earned his first victory in cars, in the third of the disputed races during this weekend, corresponding to the first date of German F4.

Mick started today’s race from second position. After a fight with Joseph Mawson and Preining Thomas Schumacher ended the race with half second lead over second and after the race was finished after some laps the safety car.

On their first date in cars, the son of Schumacher won his first race.

In the previous two races, also disputed during this weekend Mick had started from the position number 19 in the first, achieving ninth , while the second reached in the number twelve o’clock position .

If expectations about the debut son ​​of Schumacher were already large, after his first victory, coinciding with the first day of the season, he did nothing but expand. And the 20 thousand people who followed the race from the premises of Oschersleben and 180 accredited media, and show it.

Mick Schumacher 16-year-old said after the celebration on the podium was almost unbelievable that I won. Besides team driver Van Amersfoort Racing indicated feel extremely happy.

Nothing Schumacher added 27 points, ranking fifth table.





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