Miguel Molina and Nyck de Vries surprise Ferrari


Miguel Molina and Nyck de Vries have become favorites to replace Gianmaria Bruni after the test that AF Corse has completed at Vallelunga. The great adaptation that have been shown to both pilots at the controls of the Ferrari 488 GTE throughout the testing session puts both in a position of privilege at the time of occupy the fourth position of pilot officer in the project of the firm of Maranello in the GTE-Pro in the WEC. During the test at Vallelunga were also Alessandro Pier Guidi and Alex Banks, both with experience in vehicle GT of Ferrari.

According to ‘Autosport’ after contact with sources within the team, Ferrari was very impressed with the performance of Nyck de Vries, every time the Dutch showed a lot of potential, despite having competed in single-seaters throughout his career. As the former pilot of the program for young talents of McLaren, Miguel Molina also showed a great performance. The spaniard has raced for the last seven seasons in the DTM, but after his departure from Audi looking for a new project that continue to occupy a role of professional driver in the bosom of a manufacturer.

Against all odds, Alessandro Pier Guidi and Alex Banks would have been a step below their peers in test, always according to the information of ‘Autosport’. All in all, the decision of the sinus of AF Corse and Ferrari is not or much less taken over, the entire time that the march of Gianmaria Bruni promises to give much that to talk and to spread in time. The signing of Bruni by Porsche, a manufacturer that already tried to undertake his move in 2015, is full of pitfalls and various sources point to that as a result of these problems, Gianmaria Bruni will not come to Porsche until well started the season.