Miguel Molina wins the short race of the DTM in Lausiztring


Miguel Molina returns to savor the honeys of the victory in
the DTM
. The Catalan has added its second victory in the German Championship of
Passenger cars imposed after the race short of the category in Lausitzring. After
to reach his sixth pole position in the championship and star in an intense duel with
Jamie Green, driver of Audi has shown the excellent rhythm treasures
always on the track to achieve a triumph that has been able to devote to the
deceased Carlos Castellá, chief of the press and friend.
Podium for Jamie Green and Robert Wickens in a complicated race for Dani Juncadella.

Miguel Molina started from the pole, a fact which he only used to maintain the first position in the output. As already happened a year ago on this same track after adding the fastest time in qualifying Saturday, the Catalan driver could not retain his position of privilege. In this case, and after a few meters of tight that even touching them with your teammate, Jamie Green took the lead of the race. The pace of the british however was not superior to that of Miguel Molina, Robert Wickens or Marco Wittmann, who drove to his wake.

The early stages of the race however if it is charged the first aspirations that the Esteban Ocon and Martin Tomczyk were played, being the pilot of BMW out of the race and receiving a Drive Through the debut of Mercedes. This mishap, however, was overshadowed by the battles at the head of the race, because that Miguel Molina managed to regain the lead after overtaking Jamie Green in the first curve of the path. Following in their footsteps, and after losing the third position in the interim, Robert Wickens managed to pass Marco Wittmann to again reach the podium.


from that moment the career is stabilized on the posts of the head and Miguel Molina managed to endorse more than one second to Jamie Green to avoid that the british could use the DRS. However, that did not stop the struggles in the middle of the peloton sucediesen, even among pilots aspiring to the title of the DTM in that the Edo Mortara managed to achieve the tenth position after overtaking Timo Glock, thus overcoming the sanction of three posts that dragged from Austria. The Italian in fact not delayed to continue his comeback after overtaking Nico Müller.

The second part of the race was starring the
fight for the fourth position with
a Framework Wittmann that will soon be left without
options to activate the DRS
. However, the out defeated in this duel
it was Lucas Auer, who not only was unable to pass the pilot of BMW,
but that was
overtaken by his team mate Christian Vietoris and Mattias Ekström
in an open
and to close of eyes. All in all, the four drivers could allow these struggles
since neither had options to give chase to the riders of the podium or
Edoardo Mortara could give atraparles after climbing to eighth position.

After forty minutes, almost endless, Miguel Molina
he scored his second victory in the DTM
, leading to the doublet of Audi since
Green crossed the finish line in the second position. Robert Wickens got
finish third, getting strain the Mercedes-AMG C 63 DTM on the podium. By
behind the three strongest rider of the race,
Marco Wittmann got
keep the fourth position
against the attacks of Christian Vietoris, Mattias Ekström
and Lucas Auer, while the area of points was completed by the Italian
Edoardo Mortara, the belgian Maxime Martin and for the German Nico Müller. Dani Juncadella could not pass in the eighteenth position.

Classification first race DTM 2016 at Lausitzring

Position Pilot Vehicle Time / Distance
1 Miguel Molina Audi RS 5 DTM 42:04.244
2nd Jamie Green Audi RS 5 DTM +2.304
3rd Robert Wickens Mercedes AMG C 63 DTM +4.175
4th Marco Wittmann BMW M4 DTM +8.724
5th Christian Vietoris Mercedes AMG C 63 DTM +9.759
6th Mattias Ekström Audi RS 5 DTM +10.398
7th Lucas Auer Mercedes AMG C 63 DTM +10.794
8th Edoardo Mortara Audi RS 5 DTM +14.437
9th Maxime Martin BMW M4 DTM +17.808
10th Nico Müller Audi RS 5 DTM +18.414