Mika Häkkinen trust in the resurgence of McLaren


Photo: McLaren F1

Mika Häkkinen knows what it is to put an end to a losing streak. The finn returned to McLaren to the top by winning the world title in 1998 (seven years after the last victory of Ayrton Senna) and repeat the following year. And although Mika has been recognized that the performance of his former team in the season 2015 it has been hard to contemplate, believes that the british team has what it takes to return to the top.

“of course, it turned out painful to watch because everyone in the world speaks only of failure and is something that psychologically it is very difficult. But I don’t think that this poor season McLaren is the end of the world; this is a great team with people of very valuable works on it, and I’m sure that with a positive mindset will overcome their problems and return to succeed,”, I assure you the world champion.

McLaren finished the season 2015, the first of his renewed relationship with Honda, with 27 points (ahead of only Manor in the Constructors’), burdened by the lack of performance and reliability of the propellant to japanese. But Häkkinen believes the british team will learn from the lived experience to return to the top. “is Not the end but the beginning for McLaren: 2015 has been a test to see how they can solve the problems and meet the challenges of the future, because, when you’re trying to learn new things, you make mistakes, but that’s what makes you wiser and allows you to improve”.

Häkkinen, who raced for the team from Woking for nine seasons, in which he amassed twenty victories, believes his former team has everything you need to overcome their recent tribulations. “When I was running for them, analysing all the details and that is something that makes them great; it could take years to understand where problems lay, and how and where to improve and how to be able to win, but when they reached the victories we were happy and it made us believe in ourselves more than ever ; I’m sure that, with that experience and the pilots that have, still knowing how to go back to that situation”.