Military vehicle seems, mobile disco created by Red Bull is

The car that is in your screens – to call it somehow – has been recently created by Red Bull. The company manufacturer of energy drink is the most active in its commitment to extreme sports, as well as the holidays. In many occasions they can combine the two, think of an evening party after a championship of snowboarding. So as you have arrived to the creation of this mobile disco. What is most curious is that they have been inspired by the fighter-bomber F-22 Raptor u.s. for its creation.

Is based on a Land Rover Defender 130 long battle, and has been created in Australia.

Until where I remember, the F-22 Raptor didn’t seem like a potato cyber, but nothing happens. Red Bull has used a base unexpected for this car. Instead of a commercial base or the chassis of a pick-up truck like the Ford F-150, they have used a Land Rover Defender. A Defender 130 long wheelbase and australian origin, to be more precise. Is where this abomination has been born – and has been body building – using dozens of metal panels welded in the shape of the car that you have on the screen, a menacing appearance.

The inspiration aeronautics is visible in the matt black paint – that would reflect the waves of a radar of land – or in his cabin, with a glazed surface that mimics the cockpit of a plane. This Defender is a quick-change artist, and after getting to the location of the party, if necessary by land of the most complicated thing, its shell rear reveals its secrets. A cabin laptop to DJ, a large screen TFT and two high power speakers, enough to break the silence in any setting.

Imagine that the electricity needed comes from a current transformer on-board, or of a small group external generator powered by gasoline. Be that as it may, it is a vehicle appear to be very well done, which could be the first of a fleet of mobile discos that Red Bull would be locating all over the world. I would continue staying with the Defender 6×6 created by Kahn Design.

Source: Carscoops
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