Minardi believes that Renault will take Alonso to the team

Giancarlo MinardiMore rumors about the future of Fernando Alonso, some put them out of F1 in 2016 to take a gap year, others want to see him dressed in the standard equipment of Mercedes, others have speculated that Alonso would go to Red Bull if these became motorized with the Honda engine and now Minardi joins in to say that he has heard that Carlos Ghosn would like to Fernando Alonso in the Renault team F1.

The ex-head Italian Giancarlo Minardi, has raised new rumours, ensuring that the position of Jolyon Palmer and Pastor Maldonado at risk. The team Renault F1 wants to return and wants to do it in the best possible way, so have to evolve its engine to put it at the height you need to fight with Mercedes and will invest large amounts of money by 2016, after the purchase of the team Lotus.

Carlos Ghosn

Carlos Ghosn (co-pilot), the president of Renault

Minardi has declared for the website minardi.it “With the purchase of Lotus and the fact that they have become as a team, Renault has all the incentives to be stronger in every department. The president Carlos Ghosn works to start with Fernando Alonso’s Honda.“. These statements do not come bad to put pressure on Honda and get something great in 2016 and to ensure that the champion Spanish continues in the McLaren.

in addition, Minardi has said that “Maldonado can have your money in Venezuela, it suits the team, but the situation for Palmer is more difficult. The information that comes from France confirms this, although it is a situation that is not easy to solve.“. But Renault F1 should have a supercar to bring in Fernando Alonso, and I doubt it, because otherwise it would be another step in false of the Spanish driver who needs to win already.