MINI, 15 years since its renaissance with the MINI Cooper

MINI 15 añosYesterday met 15 years since MINI give the first steps to becoming the brand it is today under the umbrella of the BMW Group. It was the 26 of April of 2001 when he came out of the factory in Oxford the first drive of the then new MINI Cooper. From that unit that sported a body in Red Chili with white bands in Oxford have been fabricated more than 2.5 million vehicle MINI have been exported to over 110 countries.

To the MINI Cooper followed by other models, such as the MINI Cabrio, Clubman, Countryman, Paceman, Roadster and Coupe. Since then, some of them have had more than a generation and others, such as the Roadster and Coupe, are no longer manufactured. Currently in Oxford working 4,500 employees, compared to 2,400 of 15 years ago, that are responsible for producing more than 1000 cars daily, spread between the four models they manufacture.


The MINI is now in its third generation in these 15 years

Oxford plant is the construction and main assembly MINI, which is complemented by the pressing of Swindon and the engines from Hams Hall. In the year 2000 when it was decided that the new MINI will be built in plant Oxford, from where came the Morris Mini-Minor. This historic plant, which is operational since more than 100 years, was transformed to host the production of the new models in less than 13 months.

After the start of production in 2001, the second model to arrive in 2004 to Oxford was the MINI Cabrio. In 2006 came the second generation of the MINI, which is quickly joined by the Clubman in 2007 and subsequently the MINI Cabrio. In 2011 came the bodywork coupe and already in 2012, the Roadster. The MINI Countryman and Paceman are not manufactured in Oxford, in his place, is Magna Steyr who manufactures in Graz, Austria. Currently in Oxford are manufactured MINI, MINI Cabrio, MINI 5-door and MINI Clubman.

Source – MINI

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