MINI Cabrio 2016: the 7 keys of the MINI’s most exclusive and carefree

When we have just put the coat on, comes MINI to introduce the next generation of its open-top four-seater, the MINI Cabrio 2016. But that doesn’t mean it is a time to do it, if we stick to the quality of being functional descapotado throughout the year to advertise the brand, and the fact that we still have to wait – probably until the beginning of 2016 – to attend its launch. If we had to summarize in very few words, the new features introduced in this new MINI Cabrio, and since you’ll be assuming, we might as well use the arguments already used in the rest of the range MINI: we are faced with a MINI Cabrio bigger, more technological, more practical and more efficient. What will remain one of the convertibles is the most fun, carefree and to a certain extent, exclusive of its category?

1. Unmistakable design MINI.

behold him carefully. Remains MINI, without more. Its design is essentially the same as we saw in the new generation of the MINI 3-door, with grill more wide and generous, and prominent hood, and its characteristic round headlights. The distinctive touch, obviously, appreciate it in your canvas roof.

In exact figures, this new MINI Cabrio 2016 is 98 mm longer, 44 mm wider and 1 mm higher than its predecessor. The pathways have grown 42 millimeters in front and 34 millimeters behind, and the distance between axes 28 millimeters.


2. let’s Talk about your roof.

MINI Cabrio 2016 will feature a canvas roof that opens and closes, along with the side windows in just 18 seconds. The entire process – complete – what we will make at the touch of a button, using an electrical system. This maneuver can be done on the move, at speeds up to 30 km/h. Another interesting detail is a function of aperture intermediate, in which the roof is opened only 40 centimeters. This function sunroof can be activated at any speed. In the lower photograph can be seen perfectly how would this MINI with the roof slightly opened, mode sunroof.


3. Descapotado all year.

The philosophy of MINI is to provide a convertible suitable for travel – descapotado, obviously – throughout the year. This will have the possibility to equip climate control bizona, heated seats, a windscreen (which is installed in the rear seats), and even the system – a frikada – Always Open Timer, a counter that registers every minute that we drive with the roof open. If we opt for the entertainment team, also we will enjoy the application to Streetwise, which has been specifically set up for this MINI Cabrio with a function that will alert us if rain is forecast in our trip, before it starts to rain.

mini-cabrio-2016-734. A trunk acceptable, more extensive than in its predecessor.

, with a canvas roof, and require a system of opening and closing of this, and a place for folded, the cargo space of the trunk and its accessibility are very penalized with respect to any other MINI. This MINI Cabrio enjoys a trunk lid small, not a gate, but still offers a load capacity of 215 litres (with roof closed), much higher than the 160 litres of its predecessor. It also has the ability to transport objects over long, opening up a space between the trunk and the passenger compartment.


5. Cabin, more technology and quality.

As in the rest of the new generation MINI, do not lack your computer entertainment center (the instrumentation is found on the driver’s side), equipped with connected services of many kinds. MINI ensures that the quality of the finishes and materials has improved substantially, something that we appreciate also in the latest wave of products MINI.

mini-cabrio-2016-1196. Engines.

will Arrive at dealers with three combinations of mechanical, later iran to expand.

MINI Cooper S Cabrio: gasoline engine, four cylinder, 192 HP of power.
MINI Cooper Cabrio: engine gasoline, three-cylinder, 136 HP of power.
MINI Cooper D Cabrio: diesel engine, three cylinder, 116 HP of power.


7. Customization.

As it could not be less, the MINI Cabrio will have endless possibilities to customize our car. The most personal of this convertible, without doubt, will be to set up a canopy of black canvas with the image woven Union Jack flag. Very british, no doubt…

Source: MINI

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