MINI Cabrio 2016, the English style with the open roof

we All know the iconic image of MINI. Their unique style is mixing now with the sensations of open air driving. The MINI Cabrio 2016 brings us to the present, a model with highly desired, full of technology, practicality and performance if you opt for the Cooper S Cabrio.


The hood can be manipulated in different positions

we See a few exterior changes in comparison with a MINI three-door. The designers have tried hard for this style is kept as unchanged as possible. An effort that is rewarded, because, except for the roof, the body remains exactly the same that we already know. The only caveat is the customization of the hood, the customer will be able to incorporate different designs.

unlike its predecessor, the new MINI Cabrio is considerably bigger. Its total length it is a 9.8 centimeters higher, to 4.4 inches wide, and hardly 1 mm high. Their platform is therefore larger, with roads widened and a battle to 2.8 centimeters higher that will allow for a greater interior space and cargo, 215 liters if we drive with the hood set and 160 if you decided to uncloak.

As we say the longer wheelbase allows more space for the occupants, especially the rear seats. The collection of the hood is of the old school, being folded behind the rear headrests, but without a cap cover or a mechanism to hide it. A way to remember old times and to save space in the trunk.


The experience MINI combined with the sensations typical of the cabrio

MINI wants us to use the Model for any time of the year. This has included technology that will facilitate the bet. The retractable roof takes just 18 seconds to deploy or retract completely, furthermore, the operation can be done even in march, although never with speeds above 30 Km/h. We will also be able to circulate with a half canopy run, the style of glass roofs practicable.

So that the occupants do not pass cold, MINI has loaded the interior technology of air conditioning. The seats and steering wheel can be heated, the air conditioning bizona, and even a windbreak can be installed behind the rear seats. However, and for that time we are not caught unprepared, lapplication Streetwise will alert us of the weather forecast on our trip so you know what time it is going to rain.

In terms of the rest of technology that can be found in the MINI Cabrio 2016 is the same as that already presented for the rest of their brethren in range, that is to say: LED lighting, assistants to the driving, infotainment system, Head-Up Display, connectivity of last generation, and a myriad of elements, all of them coated in the usual quality with the MINI finishes its work.

In terms of engines and performance, the bet does not vary at all with respect to the MINI three-door. For the moment there will be only three versions, two petrol and a diesel. The Cooper D Convertible will have a power of 116 HP, extracted from a three-cylinder engine, the drives gasoline will be able to have 136 and 192 HP, this last one will be the Cooper S Cabrio. Shortly you should get the most powerful version of all, the MINI Cabrio John Cooper Works, which we have already seen to roll on the Nürburgring.


Cosmetically there are hardly any differences with a MINI three-door and hardtop

By the time the MINI Cabrio 2016 does not have prices for the Spanish market. His arrival is not expected until early next year, and currently it has no competition, as it is the only compact premium character cabrio. The only one who can stand up face is your brother brand, the BMW 2-Series Cabrio.

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