MINI Clubman, a vehicle built for you

Treat because of speed, comfort and excitement in the new MINI Clubman , a jewel of the way done for you, and if the benefits will be adjusted to your preferences. Want to see an amazing video?

MINI Clubman, un vehĂ­culo hecho a tu medida

security, facilities, connectivity, space and innovation are some of the main features of this new car , no doubt a claim for motorsport fans. Partly thanks to the new MINI Clubman will not miss when traveling because it contains an optional navigation system Professional.

On the other hand, the extra space including with respect to other previous models incorporating five seats four passenger doors and the characteristic double doors in the back.

Even for originality, we note the presence of LED ring around central panel MINI. Its uniqueness is that it changes color depending on certain conditions that may be increasing speed, navigational warnings or phone calls.

For their part, the intelligent driver assistance systems act immediately in a collision, which protects most of our own existence. And with the optional wheels Runflat you can continue driving with a flat tire at a speed of 80 km / h.

MINI Clubman Undoubtedly the new MINI Clubman is designed for those who like car world, would not you?

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