MINI Countryman JCW 2017, details of which coming up the new generation

MINI Countryman JCW 2017 - foto espía

The development of the new MINI Countryman JCW 2017 continues to be unstoppable.

So it is, MINI is still committed to the Nürburgring as the ideal scenario to perform different tests to the development of new MINI Countryman JCW 2017. And is that, for the second time, the Countryman John Cooper Works, the option top of range of the new generation of the Countryman has been taken in full session of tests on the aforementioned German track.

And in addition, the test unit, photographed by our guys are still losing camouflage. is gradually stripping the new MINI Countryman JCW 2017. A before and after for the full range of MINI, since already a few years ago, he decided to gamble on a new business strategy that, while some refer to as loss of its essence and origins, the truth is that at the level of enrolments is giving him very good results.

Taking into account that the only change is that we appreciate, with regard to the model hunted just a few weeks ago is that has lost the camouflage on the housings of the mirrors and part of front doors, we asked for the main characteristics of this model which, as we well know, will be positioned as the most powerful option and sports the entire range.

MINI Countryman JCW 2017 - foto espía

once Again, our photographers have caught the MINI Countryman JCW 2017 at the Nürburgring.

What can we expect of the MINI Countryman JCW 2017?

The purely aesthetic John Cooper Works. Like all the variants JCW that we find in the models of MINI, take a simple look at the new MINI Countryman JCW will know first the type of model that we find. And is that dress a body kit compound among other elements by a new front grille, air intakes larger as well as a spoiler later and a new diffuser that will integrate perfectly with the two exhaust outlets.

Other elements of this version will be both brakes, larger in size and performance, as a suspension revised to provide the behavior that we expect to put ourselves to the wheel of a MINI with the label JCW. And all this seasoned with a few alloy wheels specific that will be the view of the above-mentioned high-performance brakes.

Going to the (mechanical, if we take a look under your hood, we will find a engine 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder which should yield a power of 228 HP and 320 Nm of maximum torque. That is to say, you will share a block with the current MINI JCW and MINI Cabrio JCW. And although we can’t yet point out the figures of acceleration or top speed you’ll enjoy, we may use as the basis of the current MINI JCW.

MINI Countryman JCW 2017 - foto espía

The new Countryman JCW will be able to skim the 250 km/h of maximum speed.

A model that, as we have been discussing in previous articles, is capable of being catapulted to 100 km/h in just 6,3 seconds and reach a top speed of almost 250 km/h.

The new MINI Countryman JCW should be ready to debut sometime in the year 2017. Of course, his debut will take place a few months later that your own Countryman. The new generation of the above-mentioned model of the MINI could be introduced at the Paris motor show 2016 the month of September, although it is not yet official. It is for this reason that the Countryman JCW could be shown at the beginning of 2017.