MINI Countryman PHEV: the first MINI hybrid is ever more near


the development of The first MINI-hybrid is already in its final stage.

Every time is less for MINI to ride the hybrid vehicle of the automotive sector. The well-known signature premium of the world famous urbanites customizable launch very soon its first hybrid production. The MINI Countryman PHEV. With the arrival of the second-generation Countryman will see the foray of the brand in this type of mechanical electrified.

During the last few months we have posted several spy photos of the MINI Countryman PHEV that has shown us first hand how it is to be the development of the hybrid variant plug-in of the above model. However, we must now add the first advance official that offers us a MINI of your future hybrid. The company has released the first official images which you can see a prototype of the Countryman PHEV (yes, camouflage) and also reveals some details about the same.

The hybrid system that spur the MINI Countryman PHEV is composed by a combustion engine that will act on the front axle as well as by a small electric motor that will do the same on the rear axle. Therefore, it will offer a configuration of four-wheel drive. In mode purely electric and thanks to li-ion battery with a capacity of 7.7 kWh may go up to 41 miles.

MINI Countryman PHEV - foto espĂ­a

Photo spy of the MINI Countryman PHEV during one of their testing sessions. Automedia.

As we already anticipate in your day, the hybrid configuration that you will find will be the same as that used by the BMW 225xe Active Tourer, although it is yet to see if the power that will throw the system will be the same. If so, the MINI Countryman hybrid will enjoy a total power of 224 HP and 285 Nm of maximum torque. By the way, the battery will be installed just below the rear seats to avoid subtracting the minimum possible space.

On an aesthetic level and with respect to the base model, on the outside there will be no radical changes. Although you will find logos and other distinctive to let us know that we are not faced with a vehicle of conventional mechanical, where we will see more innovations will be on the inside. Both the system of info-entertainment as the four instruments will be adapted to the mechanical hybrid plug-in.

the arrival of The first hybrid MINI will not be more than the first release of all a range of models, with mechanical-electrified. And is that, as we published recently, the brand also intends to launch to the market a MINI-electric. Since few years ago MINI made different tests with a prototype 100% electric so-called MINI E, and it seems to be that, seeing what you are doing, the competition, the BMW Group has decided to sell it.