Mini does not see a vital to manufacture their cars in the Uk and could leave because of the Brexit

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commercial launch of a model assumes for a car brand taking many important decisions. Mini is a firm much-loved in the Uk, therefore its history is tied to this country intrinsically. Its acquisition by BMW will never put in danger of his pedigree as the germans (that fools don’t have a hairdryer) have squeezed these origins and roots more than anyone to get the most economic performance of their models.

today, almost all of the models that the brand sells are manufactured in the country anglo-saxon. Only certain models or runs very short and are manufactured in facilities that have Magna Steyr in the Netherlands. However, now that Mini is thinking about expanding its range of models in addition to starting to use other alternative systems of propulsion, the plot thickens in the bosom of BMW.

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As had been announced the leaders of the English firm, that the Uk is separate from the European Union did not pose a great problem. The issue of all this is that it seems that now these leaders of the firm would have decided to renege on their words and stay in a position antagonistic. According to Peter Schwarzenbauer, head of BMW, are studying whether to manufacture the next model of the firm in the United Kingdom or look for a location in any of the other plants throughout the world.

apparently the model that would be looking for the house (which is squat) would be the Mini EV. This vehicle would be the first of these features to the English firm, and as the cost of their development and manufacture will be higher than that of their brothers driven by combustion engines, should be leveraged as soon as possible. For this reason, in the direction of BMW they would not want to take the risk to make it in the Uk for the establishment of tariffs on the products which are manufacturen.

The CEO of the BMW group, Harald Krueger has ensured that the factory, which has a Mini in the Uk is not essential to the brand and its future growth. To justify your tone has explained that 80 percent of the clients do not know where they make the models and therefore do not create a determinant to unite the future of the firm to its factory home. Therefore, if the CEO of BMW is so convinced that the Brexit could make pupa is that things are not looking so well as what do you want to paint the English.

Source – Mini

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