Mini does not seen to be necessary to leave the United Kingdom if the Brexit

MINI 15 años Brexit by now we know that it has been accepted by vote in a referendum and that can bring serious problems to the United Kingdom in regard to trade treaties, and other monetary problems. It is a very important country for the european automotive sector and, therefore, strategic in that Europe is a world power that can fight against the united States and China.

In the country of the tea at five marks are iconic and very important with factories running at full capacity. The other day I talked about how the japanese Nissan would be looking to move production of the next generation of the Qashqai to another european factory. The reasons for that would have argued the direction of the firm is that after the Brexit your factory could lose competitiveness and consequently be at a disadvantage compared to their competitors.

MINI Seven 2016After Nissan, the brand that jumps now to the fore to talk about his factory and the Brexit is Mini. The brand, belonging to the BMW Group, has a factory in Oxford in which produce several of their models. However Mini also features other production centres (own or sub-contracted) outside of the Uk, as in the Netherlands and Austria.

In this case Oliver Zipse, head of production at the BMW Group, has clarified that they still have not decided whether to move production of the Mini to another european plant. According to Zipse, there is still no reason with a foundation to carry out this strategic change. In addition, it points out that although it has been given the yes to Brexit still do not know the economic consequences that will bring about the rupture with the European Union.

Mini, now, will be limited to waiting to see what happens with the Brexit, and the economy of the United Kingdom to make a decision. So soon their models are sufficiently competitive in the market to drastically change its manufacturing strategy. When you present the next generation of the Mini will we know if they have taken any decision, although it is still missing a few years.

Source – Mini

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