MINI Hipster Hatch: escape the mainstream dyeing his glasses with filters of Instagram

what Is your app favorite Instagram? Do you feed based smoothies organic with quinoa? What are you listening to the last of a band so unknown that even their musicians are known to each other? If you are a true hipster MINI is the perfect car for you. It’s called MINI-Hipster Hatch, and is based on a MINI Cooper three-door, which has received a series of changes that move it away from the mainstream in a clear way. How about a single forward gear, so that it looks like your shiny bike “fixie”?

, of course, its production is very limited. If you don’t know how to get it or how many units will be sold, is that you’re not “in”.

The main difference mechanical with a MINI conventional is that its gearbox only has a forward gear. There is a box for CVT, just has a unique relationship, such as bicycles fixie. The drawback is that the fuel consumption is likely to skyrocket, and its top speed is 40 km/h. you Can offset your environmental impact by eating to base of kale during one week a month, nothing happens. Another of his innovations is his sound equipment, a boombox from the 80s with double-deck cassette.

mini-hipster-hatch-3Nothing of the USB, streaming online, or browser, the analog quality of the tapes from the gas station, and a single center speaker are your best friends from now on. Your MINI Hipster Hatch has to be unique. So your upholstery is made of denim, recycled from denim jeans vintage used. This ensures that the upholstery of your utility will be unique, and not look to the other car. In terms of its outer appearance, it will be available in three color combinations: Brooklyn Blue, Organic Pumpkin and Monochromatic Green.

mini-hipster-hatch-2MINI knows that you live by and for Instagram. You have thousands of followers, and you dedicate more time to your job as a barista in a coffee shop, where a cut is not less than 3 euros. That’s why, MINI has decided to apply the filters of Instagram to the windows of the car, which will turn your travel at 40 km/h in a feed from Instagram in real-time. Add a Clarendon, a Cream or Lo-Fi to be the envy of your friends bearded. It has 12 filters pre-loaded, and with the touch of a button the windows were tintarán automatically.

A joke great April Fools’ Day.

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